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Window Tinting


Dealers of Madico Film for Tinting

Our films represent the ultimate combination of quality, function, and style. Accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the latest in window film technology.

Tint shades

Professional window tinting from Final Touch Auto Spa adds a stylish touch to your vehicle. It enhances your privacy, and it protects your car's interior by blocking some of the sun's harmful UV rays. During the summer heat, it can help keep your car cool inside.

Window Tint Benefits

UV Protection

Madico window film blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, protecting your skin.

Temperature Control

Stay cooler and improve your driving comfort with our film’s maximum heat rejection.

Reduce Glare

Glare negatively affects driving visibility, Madico window film effectively reduces it.

Fade Protection

Blocking the sun’s UV rays with our window film also helps reduce the fading of your vehicle’s interior.

Privacy & Security

Madico’s wide range of shades offers privacy for you and your passengers, and security for valuables inside.

Holds Shattered Glass

In the event of an accident, our window film can help hold shattered glass together, keeping you safer.

Window Tint


Q: Can window film keep me safe?

Yes. Accidents involving glass can create dangerous situations in both your car and your home by keeping shattered glass together, greatly reducing the chance of injury. While window film cannot entirely stop someone from breaking through a window or glass door, the thickness of the film makes it more difficult and time consuming to breach the glass.

Q: Which window tint is right for my car?

Car World® provides its dealers with swatch samples of automotive window film in a wide range of shades and colors to facilitate customer selection. Our professional dealers’ role is to assist you in making a final selection. The one mandatory contribution they will make will be to ensure your final selection is in accordance with the state/province laws in which your vehicle is registered. So, in addition to reviewing our automotive window film products on this website, we highly recommend visiting our dealer directory to find a local authorized Madico dealer to spend time with to help make your window film selection.

Q: How does window film work with glass?

When the sun hits glass that’s not protected with window film, a significant amount of the sun’s energy—about 90%—is transmitted through the glass. That’s where the heat comes from. To counteract that, installing window film on glass will block up to 80% of the sun’s energy. That means a whole lot less heat is getting through to you. The exact amount of heat absorption and reflectance of the film will depend on the type of film your professional installer recommends for your specific needs. Dyed films do not have metal and are considered non-reflective, and while they absorb solar energy, they’re not as effective at solar control because of their non-reflective property. On the contrary, metalized and nano-ceramic films provide solar absorption and reflectance—and much more solar control—with nano-ceramic film offering the highest levels of solar protection. These films block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.